Gaming with Another Girl to see How my Girlfriend Reacts!

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I pretended to be gaming with a girl who I was also flirting with to see how my girlfriend Kaelyn reacts.. She wasn't too happy!
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      Ilove your videos

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      @Axella Andrade good 😌 luck your look like your a positive and energetic supporter

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    Faze rug actually gaming 😱

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    Hi FaZe Rug, I love your vids🤩

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    Pov: you like watching rug’s videos again

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    I love KAELYN😭❤️

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    It makes me so happy seeing people like Rug

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    corina more like CORONA

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    She is so beautiful omg kaelyn just wow 🤩

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    The little girl is so cute 😊😉

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    Kaylen the killer

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    Is no one going to talk about what happened behind Noah at 3:21

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    Love u

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    Kayelyn you rock you can be the boss

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  16. Me
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    Kaeylyn do be preparing for a funeral now lmao

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    what kind of cream

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    3:25 I'm cryingggggggg 😭😭😭😭😂😂😂

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    I hate you & rug Yall so goofy I'm dying 😂😂😂😂😂

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    Don’t forget rug Being shy is a superpower

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    He said “sounds like a Corinna problem” I’m dead 😭💀💀

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    Omg I fucking love kaelyn 😂😂😂

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    She was so pissed off 😂

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    This i was a good vlog definitely entertained.

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    I was born in 2014 so no one rplie to me

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    if anyone want the prank it’s 8:18

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    I love you fazerug let's get him to 20 million subs

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    Frik the OG brian

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    I love you faze rug your so positive for the community love you faze rug

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    5:21 *Joaquin with a i

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    yes post it i love you

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    { Maddie kun . }
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    I love how your so nice to noah it's melting my heart 😭❤️

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    Kaelyn is gorgeous

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  37. Sha Nae
    Sha Nae
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    The confidence Kaelyn is getting even being on camera and doing the outro. We need more videos with her. Like a date night vlog or sum.

  38. daniel gomesw
    daniel gomesw
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    kaylens reaction was so cute

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    Ey tell your dad ur mom ur brothers they love them to :3

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    Love you

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    Can you do a vlog just like the Old days No camera man just you Holding the camera

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    In the tumnail i tought it said corona

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    Do more of that only noise thingy

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    lmao kaelyn's reaction was fucken priceless

  47. David Molina
    David Molina
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    what happened to not being able to accept tips at starbucks like what had happened on brawadis video

  48. Uchiha4Lif3
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    Why does papa rug have the same sweats from Walmart as me ;-; lol

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    Finally back with great content

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    I like that kaelyn is not a goldigger

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    J wakgon bdjdjdnd

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    Faze Rug come to my house in canada add 63nGradydrive newcatle

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    Kaelyn looking beautiful

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    3:22 wtf is that

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    That was very interesting 🙂

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    Don't mess with a latina and don't flirt with her man

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    I have mad crush on Noah 😡

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    Noah + rug= can't stop laughing 😂 I swear I love them

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    When faze rug said listen up had me so dead😂😂

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    Awww the way he looks at her

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    The OG intro was the best I’m subscribed

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    Her face face when your free😯

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    Make more videos like this!

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    not gonna lie, that girl that won 100 buks... it melted my heart :,)

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    your gfuel is fire

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    I am from Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦😂🤷🏻

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      We speak like your dad lol 😂

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    Don’t ruin your relationship over dumb pranks... pleaseeeeee Y’all is cute together and AMcall has seen this many times and relationships end like this

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    that was cruel Rug!, that was cute Kaelyn!

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    faze rug is so mean

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    mans made me think it was corinna

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    WTF my real name is Joaquin

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    I sad Marcedes because I came from slovenia

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    *Kaylen pulls up desk* Brian- why do i hear boss music?

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    Kaelyn can be savage when it comes to guarding her man !

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    Old intro let’s go 😁😀

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    I’m from middle east im kurdish and he pronounced all the words in my language

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